Welcome to This Blonde Mind! Whether you have been following me for a while or have never heard of me before (no hard feelings, honestly) – I thought I would say a bit about myself and why I made the website.

I am in my twenties, I currently work for Mulberry and I have been blogging for just over a year. I LOVE reading, going to bed early and I am unbeatable at any Friends trivia game.

I have always been creative and knew that when blogging blew up, I knew it would be something that I would thoroughly enjoy and my god was I right. I want This Blonde Mind to be somewhere that people can go to escape for a bit, like you’re talking to a friend and relating to the random shit that girls in their twenties have to go through. I write about the goings on of my brain, stuff I find interesting and cool things that I get to do! My website is a growing process as well as my blogging journey – please stick with me and I promise it’ll be fun.

To get in contact with me (even if just for a chat) – 

Email – nicolefrance97@icloud.com