An Overdue Life Update

Hello, my friends! My god has it been a while. I know there may only be a few of you who read my blog, mainly probably my family (thanks Mum),  but I am still so passionate about it and feel very thankful that people want to read what my crazy mind has to say. So, without further ado, a life update…


I got a new job

Ok, now I must admit that this is probably the only big thing that has happened to me but my god am I loving my new found busy-ness. Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning how to adjust to having a full-time job that is so wonderfully creative to also maintaining that same level of effort for my own blog. But I promise, I shall persevere!

I am the Marketing and Content Executive at a jewellery company based in Didsbury, Manchester. Not only do I have that glorious feeling of FINALLY not working in Manchester anymore and having that dreaded hour and a half journey home, I can now get the bus home easily and still have that benefit of being in a bustling city but without too much *bustle*. 

I knew that I was always a creative person and destined for a job that allowed me to indulge in that, but of course when you grow up you worry that maybe life just isn’t that lucky and you might find something that is 70 even 80% there but not that full 100% that we all dream about. I can confidently say that I do feel like in my current role, I can be as creative as I want and having that freedom to do that is so fulfilling and freeing that it makes me work harder knowing that I can do it and it is appreciated.

The Gaff

It is crazy to think that Nick and I are almost into our fourth month of our new home, time really does fly when you’ve finally moved out but you’ve both got full-time jobs and are too tired to fully enjoy it so go to bed at 10 most nights. It really is a crazy world. We are always making constant little house improvements which I find so much fun, I am probably different to most that a lot of people either prefer buying clothes/personal indulgences for themselves or house shopping… well, I like both. So things might take slightly longer to happen, but at least my shopping habits are truly at peace with one another. That’s totally healthy, right? 

-Side Note: we have our Christmas Tree up 🎄I know I know that it’s not even December yet, but look, it’s only a week away and this is our first Christmas in our new home so I’ll be damned if I don’t take full advantage of it. We decided to go for a real one this year, we were a bit concerned about the price of them (£40 for the tree and £20 for a stand lol no thank u). That was until I got a call from my lovely mother on Saturday morning telling us that they have cast-iron stands for your tree for only £8.99 at Quality Save. Naturally, we rushed over, of course, and low and behold there were real beautiful trees for £10… YES… £10. We knew it would be crazy not to get one.

— she’s a work-in-progress with the whole buying decorations and everything from scratch but we’re getting there — 

I joined the gym again

I have spoken on here before about the fact that I go to Total Fitness, as much as it is a really beautiful gym and Freddie Flintoff goes there (name drop whaaaaat), when I moved I realised I couldn’t travel there any more as it was way to far so become gym-less. First-world problems, right? Recently, I joined The Village gym and after a 3 month slump I am really enjoying being back into it again. So, watch out world, your girl is becoming herself 2.0.

So, yeah, all-in-all I am doing good! Feel very thankful everyday that my family and friends are happy and healthy and that I have such an amazing group of people around me. 

Speak to you all again VERY soon!  


Nicole x



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