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I know, it’s not exactly my most profound blog post idea yet, and I feel like maybe I’ve seen it done before? Not too sure. I have avoided doing blogs like this because of 1. I worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say and 2. I didn’t think that my skincare routine was good enough to share. The reality is that everyone’s skin types are different and what could be amazing for some could make others skin feel like it was on bloody fire – all I want to do is show what I’m using and hopefully give you a bit of inspo, a bit of laughs and a bit of something light to read on a beautifully sunny Thursday afternoon.

A little background about my skin, I have rosacea – which I know sounds like a made-up word but all it means is that I sometimes have quite red skin that is accentuated by alcohol, bad food, and stress (so basically had red skin constantly for a while L0lz). Another fun thing is that I struggle to use skincare products that are too perfumey and have funky chemicals in them as my skin will start to burn baby burn. Because of this, I was cautious of spending loads of money on certain products as I thought they may only be used once and never again – which then transcended into me not taking the time to get a proper skincare routine together as I began to think no skincare would work with my skin. Oh, how wrong I was…

I can pinpoint the day my skincare routine improved hella loads. It was early December and my Mum and I went to a beauty event that was being held at Debenhams. While we were wandering around each concession listening to the makeup artists trying to sell us their Christmas deals, I started to get that ‘I wanna buy something’ itch. I suppressed it for as long as I could until we went over to Estee Lauder. I had always been a fan of their products, especially Double Wear Foundation, but I’d never really even thought about their skincare. The makeup artist then told us about the Limited Edition Blockbuster Beauty Collection that was on sale, as soon as I saw all of the products listed, I was HOOKED. Next thing I knew, I was at the counter entering my PIN, trying my hardest to not look at the amount of money I was spending.

Over the past 4 months, I have spent probably too many hours looking at reviews of products and trying to find ones that would become an integral part of my skincare routine. It’s important when trying to find ‘your’ skincare routine, that you take into account what your skin actually needs and unfortunately not just what someone reccs is good (lol ironic I know). I look for products that will work with combination skin and that will reduce redness – it’s so important to discover what your skin needs. I have written quick little reviews of each product I’m loving at the moment and how it works with my skin, I hope ya enjoy!




Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

 – Strong smell but doesn’t aggravate my skin

– Makes your skin look so GLOWY

– Not foam like most other cleansers

– Reduces those pesky little bumps on your face

– I’ve got dry/oily skin and it works a d-r-e-a-m


Nivea Moisturising Day Cream – Almond Oil

– SPF 15 (which is always a bonus)

– Not overpowering smell

– Absorbs quickly on to your skin

– Deeply moisturises for the whole day

– Great for daily use

– Makes your skin super smooth


Glossier FutureDew

– Really nicely dewy (doesn’t look greasy)

– Doesn’t make your skin dry

– Perfect glow

– Wear less foundation because it sticks so well

– Looks really cute on its own without foundation

– Bottle is really pretty




Garnier Micellar Water

– Takes off make up so easily

– Skin feels hydrated

– Doesn’t sting your eyes

– Great price point

– Good for sensitive skin (like moi)


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Cleansing Foam

– Great for getting that final bit of make up off

– Really nice foamy texture

– Doesn’t irritate your skin

– Leaves skin feeling fresh


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

– Skin looks healthy and moisturised

– Really hydrating

– No overpowering smell

– Serum completely absorbs into skin – not sticky

– Helps with dry skin

– Such a noticeable difference even after a few uses


Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream

– Smooth application

– Skin feels just as moisturised in the morning

– Very light on the skin

– Doesn’t clog your pores

– Really refreshing


So, there it is, as I said earlier my skincare routine is no way perfect and may not be exactly the right thing for you – but these products have been so great for me and hopefully either help you create your own skincare routine or add to your own already. 

Hope everyone is doing ok ❤️

All my love,




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