Being ready for the colder weather but not S.A.D

I have always been a colder weather kinda dresser (rhyme not intended but accepted) – so when it gets to this time of year I start to feel excited about all of the potential fashion possibilities but with that also comes… colder weather. 

I know it seems like I just briefly lost my mind, but I promise I haven’t. We all think about how much we can’t wait to start wearing jumpers and not shave for a good few months but the colder weather and darker nights have a huge impact on our mental health. S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is real and is a real bitch. There are those that can sail through winter not even thinking about the darker days and less Vitamin D – however, there’s a big chunk out there who find themselves being a lot more affected. 

Luckily, I can say that it isn’t something that I have ever hugely struggled with but I can recognise in myself when it gets bitterly cold that my mood can become affected, I stay in more and definitely sleep more! There are many ways that can help treat S.A.D, obviously if you find that your symptoms last longer than the winter months than it may be necessary to go to a doctor and look into alternative treatments. These few points may keep you feeling a bit more upbeat during those BLURGH days…


As hard as it may be, as the colder weather tends to zap all of your energy, it is important to try and do some sort of exercise. Whether it is as simple as going for a quick 15-minute walk on your lunch break, or going to the gym before or after work. It will get your endorphins pumping which always makes you feel great, and gives you that sense of achievement which is always a mood boost (at least for me anyway!). Going while it is still light outside is even better, as your soaking up that Vitamin-D no matter what. 


Studies have shown that taking up a new hobby during winter, can ward off the symptoms of S.A.D as you are distracting yourself with something you have never done before. So whether it is: dancing, gaming, biking, or reading – whatever it is, it is an awesome idea. 


I know for me personally, one of the biggest things that gets me down during the winter time is that I hate feeling cold with a passion. I am one of those people where it genuinely makes me want to cry (ok just me? never mind) so keeping warm is a biggie! It may sound simple, but having hot food, hot drinks and keeping yourself wrapped up always! 


Despite some of us differing with how much sleep are body can cope with, obviously it is recommended that sticking to the 8-hour sleep a night rule. When we have the right amount of sleep, we are more productive, energetic and ready to take on the day! So try not to oversleep like a teenager, and get yourself ready for some beauty sleep. 


I know, I know, you’re thinking ‘How dare you Nicole? Comfort food is made for winter?. While yes, that may be true, eating healthier food and balancing your carbohydrates will not only boost your mood but give you more energy which is always fun. 


Regular light throughout the day keeps our metabolism and sleep on track, however, during the winter most people tend to not get the right amount of bright light during the day which can trigger S.A.D. You can buy desk lamp versions, ones for your home, it’s all about finding what suits you and using it for the recommended 30 minutes a day but upping it if you feel you need more and finding what’s right for you. 


Get your god damn self outside – even if it’s just 15 minutes, getting yourself out will do you a world of good. Breathing in that good air and getting some Vitamin D is always a good thing…

Have a bloody lovely week all of you! 

All my love, 

Nicole xx




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