Do Millennials not go out as often?

Imagine this, you’re 21 years old and your friends are suggesting a night out in town but there’s that little voice in your head that’s wondering ‘Can we not just go for dinner and cocktails?’ and that voice my friend is the age of the new millennial. 

What I’m saying isn’t speaking for the whole but I have not noticed that there are increasingly more young people that are opting for nights in, rather than unnecessarily spending £50 upwards on what would eventually be deemed as a pointless night out.

A study has shown that millennials (aged 18-34) revealed the maximum average they’d spend on a night out is £27.14, whereas ages 55-64 are spending around £51.88 upwards. This may be due to the difference in wage bracket, but to me I think that a lot of millennials are becoming pretty damn thrifty. Hear me out right now, you’ve got uni students who can go on nights out for £10-£15 and couldn’t it be said that skill could be carried over into their new life after uni – always just being slightly more wary. A definite good trait to possess, don’t ya agree?

Yes, it has been the new age for television like Netflix and Amazon Prime and yes you could assume that millennials are the biggest watchers of said platform but that doesn’t make us ‘couch-potatoes’. It just means that we are utilising an entertaining source (that ngl most of us probably don’t even pay for) and inviting friends round with a bottle of wine and enjoying doing other activities all of the time because damn doing shit really is expensive. 

I am not opposed to going out whatsoever, sometimes there is nothing I enjoy more than getting all dressed up and going out with my gals. I am more of a going to a ‘night’ kinda gal, somewhere at a venue that has loads of great DJs and it’s all about dancing and just having a good time with who you’re with. Last night, my friends and I went to La Discotheque at Albert Hall, and the funky music and great company was enough to make me have a great night without getting absolutely off my tits.

I am starting to recognise though that there does seem to be a shift happening. Pubs are being filled more by people over the age of 50 and the idea of moderate drinking is becoming a more accepted topic.

I have had my fair share of ‘fucking it’ moments, and probably have many more to come but let’s be honest that shit ain’t fun. That feeling when you wake up in the morning wondering if today might actually be your last. Remembering that the last thing you remember is pouring yourself a vodka and lemonade which was half vodka if not more, and laughing that I couldn’t even taste the alcohol in it (hope you’re proud mum). 

I find that if it is a good night, I can have enough fun that I don’t need to drink to get me to the end of the night – just need to have me dancing shoes on. 

I don’t know whether I would even consider this as being something that you start to love to do when you get older and I’ve hit it quick, or it is something that is becoming more common in younger but sometimes I just bloody love a casual drink. You know that going out for a couple with some friends, or even like in these pictures – Nick and I had gone to Alty Market for the day and we were having a cider while walking around. If yo have never been, I could not recommend going enough but beware it will definitely want to make you live there. 

I find that if it is a good night, I can have enough fun that I don’t need to drink to get me to the end of the night – just need to have me dancing shoes on. 

What do you guys think?

Have a great week you lovely lot! 

Nicole x


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