Everything I know about Love – Book Review

There are no words to describe how much I love this book. Ok, I lie – there are of course words that I am about to use or else this would be a very short blog post. I discovered this book from one of my best friends who is as big of a reader as me and she told me that she thought it would be right up my street – my god was she right. 

Everything I Know About Love is fun-filled with a side of heartbreak and a whole lotta relatability. I’m talking putting your crushes initials in your MSN name, to trials and tribulations with friends and family.

She recounts her whole life throughout the book, from happy to sad: getting her first job, throwing a terrible Rod Stewart-themed party, getting dumped, getting drunk, getting broken up with and realising that no matter what your friends will always be there for you (even if you decide to get taxis to ridiculous places to have sex with a guy, fair play).

I adore that whilst the book talks of men, to me I found that it was more focusing on learning to love yourself and the people around you. No matter how important a could seem at the time, there are different ways that you can feel loved whether that’s by your friends or even the owner of the corner shop near your flat. As well as knowing that when you go through shit times, you are coming out of it knowing more about yourself and who the people who stick around are…

I am never usually one for reading books twice, but I know that this will be a book that I will treasure and go to in times of need. It makes you look back on your teenage years and think of your own experiences that are without doubt similar to Dolly’s in some way. Even though you may reminisce on good memories and bad, it makes you realise that these stories and memories are what makes us… us.

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