Finally finding my ‘thing’

Some people go through their whole life trying to find what their ‘thing’ is, maybe some choose to settle with the finality that they will never discover it or there are those who go through many jobs in their lifetime that all have elements of what they truly want. A lot of the time, it is money that stops us, the knowing that you need money to survive still and finding it hard to motivate yourself to work hard doing both. With that, you are never letting go of the hope that one day the time will come when your ‘thing’ becomes your everyday and the quote ‘find a job you enjoy doing, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ never seemed so true. 

For some people, it is enough to know that what they enjoy doing will always remain as a hobby, but what about those of us that crave to do it everyday and can’t comprehend the idea of having it only as something we do on the weekends. I have found that it is all about taking little steps to make that dream come true and finding solace in the little victories. Mine is social media. Ah, the best thing to happen for this generation and also the worst.

When I was 19, I got a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at an agency in Manchester and there began my love of those little icons we all have on our home screen. However, during my time there I began to realise I was feeling unfulfilled within my role and there was something missing. Yes, it may have been cool doing photo-shoots and making videos but it wasn’t what I wanted and I couldn’t figure out why. I thought that it was social media that wasn’t for me, but now after a year of being out of the industry, I realise it is my ‘thing’. 

I have always been quite blatant about the fact that I wanted a funjob, a job that I was proud of telling people I had and looked forward to coming to work everyday. What may be fun to me would be hell to someone else, I just know that I want to enjoy my life and my job should be no exception. 

There are many elements that go into your enjoyment (or hate) of working life, it could be the commute/ the wage/ the people you work with but for me it was that I loved digital marketing but didn’t love the clients I was working on. Within the industry, I personally found that it was a hell of a lot easier to write about a client that I already had an invested interest in. Not only would I love my job but I’d also love what I was writing about… win win. 

Although I am only the mere age of 22, I feel like I possess enough life knowledge to know that if you have the right people around you who are willing to help you achieve that dream then something good is going to come from it. It may seem small, but helping out every now and then makes such a huge difference to those people who are trying to do something completely new in their life. So if a friend or family member asks you to take a picture of them for their Instagram, help with the design of a new logo or even send a couple of emails then just please do it – what may take you 5 minutes, means the world to this person.

So, whether you’re going to become the next big Author, Blogger or Baker – I hope you can summon enough courage to not give up and be honest to those you love about what you want and you may find that you have a team rallied around you to get this damn thing going. 

 I hope you all have a great week! 

All my love,

Nicole x



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