Giving in to comfy clothes

We all want to look chic when we get ready, but that doesn’t mean that we want to jeopardise our comfort. As much as it is a beautiful thought that when we’re getting ready in the morning, we’ll wear fitted clothes and six-inch heels and keep repeating to ourselves ‘fashion is pain’ but that shit ain’t gonna fly now. It is the era of trainers, culottes and comfy god damn clothes and I am living for it. 

In the rise of instagram and the fashion blogger, I would always associate a heeled boot as a way to make an outfit look fashionable as my feed was littered with hundreds of different kinds. Until recently, when there has been a resurgence in trainers and people are starting to realise that looking comfy doesn’t mean unfashionable – except if you’re going to the shops in full on pyjamas, that could potentially be pushing it. 

I have found that there are certain staple pieces that help an outfit go from super casual to chic in about 0.00003 seconds (or however long it takes to put on said piece, you do you)… 


There is nothing better than a long coat to hide the goings on of underneath, that is not by any means saying that I condone flashing but this is more if you’ve got the most casual outfit on but you want to up your game a bit with absolutely minimal effort. 


The best accessory a girl can get. The perfect way to make yourself look stylish when in reality you may look like right ol’ shit – no drama my friends. I tend to go for circle sunglasses as they are the style that suit my face the most, but every style will look oh so fab.


I am a big believer in simplistic jewellery. Thrown on a cross necklace, gold hoops and tonnes of rings and you have yourself a winner. The ease of jewellery is that jewellery even paired with joggers or sports wear, can make it sports chic and add immediate style.

It’s almost weekend! My god yay.

Nicole x 



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