How a dress can boost your confidence so much

Sometimes in our lives, there are those clothes that we truly believe change our lives, whether it’s: a pair of jeans that fit you PERFECTLY after spending years of never getting it quite right, that blazer that makes your outfits more smart-casual and instantly make your outfits chicer and that dress you try on and feel amazing… oh and did I mention it is bright 🍊.

Oranges are not only extremely delicious but wearing the colour does wonders too. It is said that it evokes feelings of energy, excitement and enthusiasm while also the warmth of the colour draws attention to the wearer (which is good if you’re feeling cute lols).  



I was always been team neutrals, I liked the safety of going for a beige or white or black. It felt as though it was hard to go wrong with that palette and while that may be true, there is something to be said for how wearing a bright colour can change your mind.

This delightful piece is from Zara’s New Collection. I have never been much of a dress wearer as I always struggled with finding ones that fit my body shape. Zara seemed like a good option as the quality of there products are always great and they have so many great clothes that I thought ‘hey, something has to be cute on me’ and thank the lord I was right.

Despite this dress being somewhat of a strong statement, I do think of my style as being quite minimal. I was drawn to this dress because the colour was so stunning, the sleeves would naturally draw the eye and I know that it would pair perfectly with understated makeup and hair in a bun.

I doubt that my relationship with colour will ever go much further than this, one bright colour per outfit is very much fine with me but, who knows. 

I hope you’re all ok and staying safe! 

All my love, 

Nicole x


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