How I learnt to love my curly hair

I want to start this post off by saying that my straighteners and curlers were held hostage by my sister, which inevitably lead to the beginnings of my acceptance towards the natural hair I was born with. 

Ok, that might have been the teensiest bit dramatic, but isn’t far from the truth. A few months ago, I was given the amazing chance to go to London and do an internship at Mulberry head office. This then meant that my lovely sister had to put me up while I was there. On my way home, I got the message that every straight-hair lover dreads “You left your straighteners and curlers here”. She offered to send them back, but then suggested it would be a good test to see how long I could last without them and learn to love my natural hair more (she always gets annoyed when I straightened it!) – I decided to take her on, and two months later, here we are! 

For a long time, especially in high school, I hated having curly hair and envied my straight-haired friends more than you could imagine, seeing how easily their hair looked so sleek and shiny. After many futile attempts to follow the hair trends that high school brought: the huge side fringe, back-combing beyond belief and having pin-straight hair, I realised that it was time to embrace that my curls were here to stay and I’d better get used to that. It is inevitable to crave to fit in, but when you’ve been blessed with hair that people could only wish for, it seems a waste spending your time trying to make it look like everybody else’s.

So without further ado, here are the reasons that made me truly fall in love with my curly hair once again:


You never have to worry about doing your hair in the morning 

The thought of having to tame your ‘bed-head’ in the morning, is never an issue for someone with curly hair as it tends to just give us more volume.


You don’t know what the phrase ‘Your hair looks flat’ means

When your hair is curly, you are naturally blessed with a wonderful thing called, volume. No matter the weather, you never have to worry about your hair looking like it’s stuck against your head. 


It’s nice to stand out

I used to adore that I blended in, that my parents could never notice who I was when my hair was straight, and I was dressed the same way as everyone else – but now I could not be more different. It isn’t like I crave to always stand out from the crowd, I like that my curly hair is a nice feature that not everyone has. 


No weather is a problem 

As much as occasional phrase, may sometimes make an appearance when the weather is humid, it isn’t ever an issue because let’s be honest with ourselves it just adds more volume to the ol’ do. 


An up-do always looks cute 

You never have that worry of looking like someone who has a really odd top knot, it’s always super easy and would require one bobble and probably not even a mirror. The perk when your hair is already pretty wild, the smallest thing can make it look more tame. 


No more heat damage! 

I know so many people that straighten their hair almost everyday, and I am oh so thankful that I know that mine is staying as healthy as possible by my avoiding putting any heat onto it. 


There’s really no telling when you washed it

If looked after well, you can get away with 3 or 4 days of not washing your hair and them still looking as good as new. You can’t see greasy hair as easily, when you’ve got curls bouncing at you from every which way. Win, win.


People always want what they can’t have 

As much as it may happen vice versa, more often than not people with straight hair wish that they had curly hair – and, you know, it’s nice to have something that people want. Not only does curly hair look super cute, but it’s usually better than straight hair for thickness, volume and being able to keep a style in… go us, basically.


So, curly haired gals, what are your favourite things about having those wonderful locks? 

Have an amazing weekend! 

Nicole xx


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