How to style a midi skirt when you’re a beginner

I write this blog to you today as an admitting of wrong-doing. My own stubbornness lead me astray of one of the best fashion pieces to over walk this beautiful earth. Maybe it was worry? Worry that I wouldn’t suit them with my small frame? Maybe it was a sense of anxiety that I would look like I have no figure whatsoever? Or maybe I was just being a pussy and was scared to just try on a god damn skirt. That’s right guys, I am of course talking about the midi skirt.

I began to see more and more people wearing them on Instagram, people tall, small, thin, curvy – all looking bloody amazing and it made me begin to question what was holding me back from wearing something that I really wanted to. And after all, that’s all that matters, this ain’t the 50s.

The time was September, the day was a Sunday and Nasty Gal had just started doing their 50% off everything sale, it was a beautiful day. I knew that I had to take this opportunity as I thought that deal wouldn’t be around for long – little did I know they’d continue it for the next four months, cheers guys. Not to mention that I’d just done a carboot with my parents and gone a bit too hard on sorting through my clothes and decided to get rid of basically all of them. Not to future self: don’t get rid of almost all of your clothes when you don’t have the money to replace them yet. So there I was, putting my usual sort of thing into my basket: leopard print shirts, high-waisted pants, cute crop tops and then I came across this (read in Jim Carey’s voice please) b-e-a-utiful metallic skirt.

There was nothing stopping me, except that eternal worrier part of my brain that was making me wonder that it will look horrible on me, but I’m used to that little shit, so I pressed order. My new haul were Christmas presents from Nick and they came to me on Christmas Day and I could not have been happier with my new purchases. Nasty Gal have strongly taken first place as my favourite fashion brand – I know they will have been desperately trying to get that top spot, don’t despair, your time has come.

If you are a midi skirt novice like me, then I would recommend trying the Topshop skirts that the whole of Instagram is raving about.These gorgeous skirts come in a range of styles and even tiger prints (hold for oooo and aaaah).

No longer will we think of midi skirts being something that only our Nanas would wear, they have have made their comeback and they have made it good. Like that time Martha Stewart went to prison and made her comeback expanding her empire once again as well as making a new friend, Snoooooooooop.

The perk of a midi skirt is that they have become such a staple fashion piece that they do most of the work for you and you can simply style your skirt with a white t-shirt and boom, Bob’s your uncle. Complete the look with some simple gold jewellery, a black beret and all of a sudden you have become a parisian goddess in a matter of minutes. You can thank me later.

As your confidence begins to grow in this new skirt territory, you’ll realise that they are the epitome of ‘dress it up and dress it down’ – my mums biggest fashion advice ever growing up, and you know what? It’s hella important. Take a black satin skirt for e.g from Topshop…

IN THE DAY      Admittedly, Topshop have done me over here a bit with my wanting to give styling advice because all of these outfits are EXACTLY the kind of thing I’d choose. But hey ho, the show must go on… So here is an alternative way I would style a black midi skirt for a day of shopping and then cocktails… I would pair with a pastel coloured turtleneck (bringing some subtle colour to your outfit), then over it have a loose long-sleeved white t-shirt, give yourself some shape with a black belt with a good buckle around your waist and finish off with some chunky white trainers and all of the gold jewellery you can find.

IN THE EVENING       Now this is where it gets funky. Last year, we started to see diamanté everything and when the Hailey Baldwin collection with PLT came out, I knew that diamantés really were a girls best friend. I would pair this with a loose cropped silver, diamanté top (similar to this Nasty Gal beauty) throw on a pair of leopard print heels, add some silver hair slides and go out and partaaaaay.

So there you have it, how to go from midi skirt lover zero to hero! How do you guys style your midi skirt?

Have a great weekend everyone. Love, Nicole xx


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