How turning a new age can make you re-evaluate your fashion sense



There is never a moment where I don’t think about clothes. They are something that brings me so much joy and are such a part of who I am and my identity. I find that as we grow up are fashion sense is ever-evolving and can be massively impacted by what age we are at the time.

So, hear me out with this. If you were anything like me, when your 16 you’re more focused on looking like everybody else  rather than if you actually like the clothes themselves or even suit your figure . When you’re 16/17 you’re going to college, you’re beginning to find your own style, discovering who you are and finding more about yourself. Once you reach Uni or going into your first full-time job you are having the most control with buying whatever clothes you want and are again stepping further into what your style is. 



Since turning 23 I have began to re-evaluate my fashion sense. There is a lot of pressure for younger people to dress a certain way, from looking online for clothes to even in shops most clothes are basically… tight. I was never someone that had a problem with wearing tight clothes but I think that was also due to society convincing you that you don’t look as nice or sexy or fashionable in looser fitting clothes – which could not be further from the truth. You can look beautiful wearing whatever you want, it’s about dressing however you want, feeling confident in yourself and dressing for your body. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone may change their style, a big one for me is that I feel like I have put on some weight over the past year or so and had lost some confidence in myself. I began to realise that I should learn to love my body and wanted to find what my style was and not feel as though I am dressing differently because I have put on weight but rather that it taught me how to dress and see the beauty on all styles of clothes. 

My style has become the most ‘me’ I would say in the past few months, I think turning 23 was a big thing for me because I was able to begin to see past how I feel I ‘should dress’ and how I actually want to. 



I hope you’re all well and staying safe! 

All my love,

Nicole xx   


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