Fake tan has a way of dividing so many people, either you are a big fan or would not ever touch it and vow to be confident in your own skin. Each I think are completely understandable, and it is important to not do something you are not comfortable with and focus on what makes you happy, while also remembering that you can be confident in your own skin and wear fake tan (just saying). That is not something that happens to everyone and there have been more than enough fake tan disasters in this world to put you off for life but I am yet to be deterred.

Like make up, lash extensions, hair dye… it is a choice and if it makes that person happy then so be it. I wouldn’t say that my relationship with fake tan has always been healthy, as I was part of the crew that would have orangey-patchy legs at house parties while simultaneously having completely pale arms. Not a great look. At that time, I was more focused on fitting in with everyone else, rather than recognising what I like to do and how I want to look, never considering how unhealthy it was to have such a desire to fit in that I forgot about myself.

One of the things that did stick with me, was that I liked giving me self some extra colour. This then started a journey of endless testings of all the fake tans that you can imagine. Starting off with Superdrug Self-tanning Wipes (yes, seriously) to Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs which is oh so heavenly.

There was a time where I really struggled with the idea of not wearing tan everyday which not only was a huge expense but also made me realise that I needed to not rely on something so deeply that I would be in a proper shit mood if I didn’t put any on.

Over the years I have tried many different brands, and maybe there are some out there that are even better than the ones I am currently using – but if you are on that always a bit broke life, than listen here my friend as I have discovered some of the best.


I am very fair-skinned and always try to have that appearance of just looking ‘sun kissed’, which means that a very ‘orange’ tan is never something I would usually go for and therefore have to spend those few extra pounds to get a more natural colour. It doesn’t have that stereotypical tan smell which I am a big fan of as well as drying super ridiculously quick.

Despite it being a little pricey for such a small can, it covers all of my little imperfections and little marks so well making me very much understand why ‘airbrush’ is in the title – it’s like a light foundation.

Application is incredibly easy, all you need is simply to just use your hand or a tanning mit. If you are after a stronger look than you can spray the instant tan straight onto your legs and then tan from there or spray on the mit first then apply which is what I usually go for… I have tried a lot in my time and I am still yet to find a reasonably priced one that compares.

Live long and fake sun-kissed everyone,

Nicole x



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