Interior Inspo: A New Home

There is something so intoxicating about home shopping, the knowing that what you buy will be placed prime spot in the place you spend most of your time, where others will see it and is a true representation of yourself and who we are. I know that there are those out there who are truly happy with keeping their house the way it is and never feeling that need to change it – but I can truly say that my mind is in a constant state of house mode. 

It feels like a new chapter going into a new home, a place to start afresh and getting yourself ready for new beginnings. 

“A gathering place for family to join together in laughter, the one place you will always be surrounded by those who love you, a place of feeling of belonging.” 


I have always found that a bedroom is the hardest thing to style because it is inevitably the place where you spend most of your time and have to make sure it’s relaxing but also not overcrowded so your brain can’t relax. 

My Mum has always really been into interior design and she is always good for giving me inspiration – we both have been tackling my bedroom to see what it is missing and have realised that a big cabinet painted in a sage green is definitely my next plan for it. There is nothing that a splash of colour and a big beautiful cabinet can’t fix. 


I have always thought that white and neutral colours were my colour palette of choice, but my god am I a sucker for a coloured kitchen cabinet. I just love how you can have that one splash of colour in a kitchen to brighten up your whole room, and give you the freedom to keep the rest of your interior pretty minimalistic. 

Another big thing that I am very much into it is having a lot of kitchen ware exposed on shelves – jars, books, utensils whatever it is it looks god damn cute and something I cannot wait to do when I get my own place and can make my Pinterest dreams a reality. 


I mean, you can probably tell that I like green and pink in a bathroom. The contrast, the tiles, just ugh 🤤 The bathroom should never be a place that you neglect when designing a house, even if it was as simple as sticking a collection of small frames on whatever bit of free wall you have. Not to mention the simplest little change that gives the biggest difference is basket your god damn life up. They look hella cute and keep your belongings looking cute and not cluttered with having all of your stuff out.  

I hope this all gives you some inspiration for a new home you’ve just moved into or for the future! 

Let’s bloody smash this week. 

All my love,



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