Is animal print here to stay as a staple trend?

There was a time where I thought that animal print was never a trend that I would be able to get on board with. I regarded it as old-fashioned and a trend that people wore in the 80s and just couldn’t let go of even though they should. Much to my previous dismay, the trend has seemed to stuck around and now I wonder will it ever not be in fashion? 

It was only when I was doing one of my Nasty Gal hauls a few months ago (standard), that I began to see pieces that had animal print on them that I adored, that didn’t remind me of a tacky lycra leopard print from the 80s but actually were really cute. I decided that it was time for me to actually try wearing prints that I would never have dreamed of… first-world fashion problems, hey? 

I bought a leopard print shirt and a zebra print jumper (a la pictures shown) and I knew the moment I tried them on that I was an animal-print hater no more! The pieces that I had chosen were not too in your face, and them being paired with a more neutral staple piece: denim jeans, leather jacket, black flares – seemed to add more life to an outfit but still have it in keeping with my usual style.

The outfit you see here was one I chose to wear while in London, the weather had not been very forgiving but on this day we woke up and there was no rain and dare I say it, even a bit of blue sky. I decided that a leather jacket would be sufficient enough for warmth not to mention that I was really feeling my outfit and did not want to let the weather stop me. Luckily it was a-okay and we managed to get these pictures outside an awesome skincare shop right outside of Neals Yard. They had the cutest bench ever for passers by to presumably take pictures on (we can all spot a perfect insta opportunity now come on). We also have my lovely Mother featuring in these pics, seriously how beaut is she?!

What do you guys think of leopard print? Let me know in the comments. 

Nicole x


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