Learning to live without mascara

Mascara. A staple piece in most of our make up bags. One of the most popular products that people will just ‘pop a bit on’ of before they nip out. What is a great piece to some, can also cause anxiety and dread if you are not blessed with naturally long spider lashes and have to spend 15 minutes curling them and separating them with tweezers. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge mascara fan and I am currently using Maybelline Lash Sensational and for a high street product I am so so impressed and just proves that you don’t have to spend over £20 to get your lashes looking luscious af. 

For a very long time, even if I was only putting on a ‘bit’ of make up, it would always include mascara. While I was growing up, you always hear about make up rules that you have to follow or you know break if you roll that way, and the one I heard that stuck out to me the most was ‘either go all out on your eyes or your lips, but never on both’. As much as that may not be something everyone wants to follow, it really stuck with me. 

I have rather big eyes and I did begin to wonder why I was wasting 15 minutes a day doing this thing to make my eyes pop out more, when they were pretty beady to start off with. Even when I would do a strong lip, I would always wear mascara and then I began to think why. I want the focus of my make up to be on this bold lip, and not to mention it would save me hella time in the morning. 

 I don’t think that there will ever be a point where I would give up mascara for good, I just like the idea of giving my lashes a break sometimes because there is no greater fear than taking my eye make up off at night and see a couple of lashes come off too (ok there are greater fears, just let me be dramatic please). 

When it comes to paler complexions like myself, I tend to go for more red lips or darker, giving off the vampire vibe basically. But when I am tanned, I like going for more of an orangey lip as I think it compliments darker skin tones so god damn beautifully.

What do you guys think about mascara? Could you imagine doing your make up without it?

Nicole x


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