Loungewear livin’ with Femme Luxe

Ah, loungewear. The ‘go to’ for most of us lounge ladies, but even more so while we currently twiddling our thumbs at home more than ever before. So let’s be honest, what works better than wearing something that isn’t pyjamas but is still just as comfy? You can be like ‘hey, what are you on about… I definitely got dressed today! I for one have always struggled with finding the correct fit when it comes to lounger sets, as I have a big bum and small waist which makes me cautious when purchasing. But!… That all changed when the amazing people at Femme Luxe offered to send me some deeeelightful loungewear sets and I jumped at the chance as the quality looked incredible and those designs… hubba hubba. 

I decided to go for this beautiful black set and also navy set.


There are so many simple and timeless pieces out there, I decided to go for this one as I wanted one that I could wear in the day that was still super pretty but also was hella comfy as I do housework, go on my laptop, all of the usual stuff each day and need to be able to move around easily.




The other set I decided to go for was more oversized and one that would be amazing for chilling in and not to mention fit my boyfriend PERFECTLY. I am being 100% serious… (I mean he does look v cute)



A hell of a lot of sets are still sold out online, people are obsessed with them for very good reason so let Femme Luxe do the searching for you. I mean, could you adore these sets more?!

They’ve currently have got the most amazing sale on at the minute with up to 80% off. Go have a gander, I know you want too. 

All my love, 



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