These Blonde Thoughts: 01/08/19

Welcome to the next instalment of These Blonde Thoughts! My week has mainly been filled with, how my friend Rihanna would put it, work work work. But, even though my week wasn’t filled with fun-filled, wild activities it doesn’t mean that I haven’t done anything of interest worth chatting about to you wonderful people. 


Turns out the housework never ends

As much as last week I thought we had finished the house, well this week I feel like we’ve got a little bit closer to that actually being true. I have now realised that there will probably never be a time where I will be completely settled with every part of the house, but finding new bits and making your home the best it can be is part of the fun, right? 

This weekend we have: mounted the TV onto the wall, bought a lamp for the living room, bought a new light-shade for the living room, a basket for Nicks stuff in our room (because he’s not as tidy as *ahem* somebody), put the mirror up on the wall so I can FINALLY see my outfits and did a big ol’ spring clean. Pretty damn successful Sunday if you ask me. 


I had the most incredible date night with amazing food and an even more amazing dress

Ok maybe not ‘even more’ amazing because the food was to die for, but a different kind of amazing like clothes amazing. You get me. We went to a restaurant in Didsbury called no4. It is on a really beautiful, cobbled street and it is so intimate and small that it is rather romantic I must say. The food was delicious, and I even had 3 courses which is very unlike me – but when you see the menu, you’ll get it. 

My dress was one of those impulse buys where it sort of seems like a blur that you even bought it, but I honestly have absolutely no regrets. While on my lunch break, I decided to have a gander in Zara which is always dangerous, and happened to come across the most beautiful dress that seemed very fitting for the lovely date night ahead. I can’t find it online, so you’ll have to trust me for now until I get a picture in it! They say the sign of a good night is when you don’t even touch your phone, I promise to get one soon!


I had the funnest dinner with my bestie

Sometimes you don’t realise how much you are in need of a girls night, and boy did it come at a good time. On Friday, I had the most stressful day at work ever and the idea of going home, dressing up and going out for delicious food and wine with delightful company, made me so excited before I’d even arrived. The night definitely did not disappoint, with both of us having a bottle of wine each and becoming wayyy to confident – it was so so much fun. Despite having work at half 9 the next day, I knew at the time it was something I wouldn’t regret doing and that a big dirty KFC would sort me out (can confirm that it did). 

The only picture I got was a selfie before I went out, enjoy!


Have an amazing week, you lovely things!

Look at for my next blog post this Friday! 

Nicole xx



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