These Blonde Thoughts: 08/09/19

Hello you lovely people, I am writing to you sat on my sofa wrapped up in a blanket and watching The Office – did someone say wild? I have began working at my job 9-5, 5 days a week and I must say it is making me rather exhausted… turns out doing 30 hours a week really was the dream. 

This is a combination of this weeks and last weeks because your girl has been busy with some major life changes…

Last week was filled with a lot of family loveliness, my amazing sister Aimee came to visit for a few days and I had the best time seeing her. Not only is she a fabulous person, but man is she an incredible cook. Not only did I have marshmallow brownie, homemade cheese sauce with doritos on Friday; I also had, sausage chilli (incred) and a stupendous amount of Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookies as she let me take some home as well. So, I can conclude that despite feeling like an absolute whale I had a very lovely, food-filled weekend. 

The weekend was concluded with a photo-shoot on Sunday, with the ever delightful @girlonfilm – not only is she an awesome blogger and all-round great gal but she has started doing photography and I was able to nab her to help her get me out of my insta-funk. We shot in film (which I had never done before) and I must say, that I could not be happier with how they’ve come out. I have gone a while since I last shot, which impacted my confidence more than I realised but I was put instantly at ease with Charlotte, because not only did she helped direct me but she emanated passion and it made me realise my love for blogging all over again. Here’s a little sneak peak of some of the shots from the shoot. 



Last night, my brother did a Charity Boxing Match to help raise money for Cancer Research – I was so ridiculously proud of him and today I am struggling to talk because of how much I was screaming GO MATT PUNCH HIM but it was totally worth it. He may not have won, but what he said in a status this morning I think pretty perfectly sums up what it’s actually all about…

And to my biggest, and most unbelievable announcement… GUESS WHO’S GOT A NEW JOB?

I am going to be the new Marketing and Content Executive for jewellery company Lily Arkwright in Didsbury. Not only am I finally not working in Manchester anymore but I am going to be at an incredible company that I cannot WAIT to start. 

So here’s to another week, I hope it is filled with tasty food, cuddles and remembering that you are Beyonce, always. 


Nicole x


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