Well hello there, you wonderful people! How have all of your weekends been? Mine has been rather chilled, and I have spent the time writing some new blogs for you bloody lovely people. 

1. I did my first full week at my new job 

I have just completely my first week at my new role at a jewellery company in Didsbury. I am back into doing Marketing and loving it, it really is an awesome feeling doing a job that makes you really happy and can’t wait to do everyday. Not to sound all *braggy* but I am feeling so content in my career right now and feel genuinely excited about what the future will bring. 

2. Had some much needed time with my best gal 

On Saturday, my bestie and I went for some food at Pix Pizza in Bramhall and it was delicious. She is my oldest friend and I am so thankful that I still have the same best friend after 20 years like yas go us. There is no one that knows me better, and it was so great to have some girly time. 

*Also, I felt pretty cute dressing up for the first time in agessss*

3. I shot some new pictures for Instagram

Today I met up with my lovely Mother and we had a little mini shoot as I have felt so uninspired recently with Instagram and decided to create a mood board to try and get that love back again. It has helped immensely and I am feeling very excited about some upcoming shoots I have as well. 

And that’s it, you wonderful people!

Have a great week. 

All my love, 

Nicole x


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