These Blonde Thoughts: Part 1

So, here we are! A completely new segment to ‘This Blonde Mind’. I wanted to create an element to my blog that was a lot more general, where I wouldn’t need to write a blog post that took a week to plan – thoughts/ opinions/ short fun things I want to tell you lovely people. Think of Russel Howard’s Good News, combined with some fashion/ beauty/ random chat. It could be that I have the most incredible life-changing news, or I have changed what dog breed I want or I had a very unexpected, delightful breakfast. Either way, I want this to be a little bitta fun, little bitta interesting and whole lotta Nicole. Expect to find these every Sunday, so you can put your feet up and have a brew, while you’re thinking about all the things you haven’t achieved over the weekend. ENJOY!


1. We had our House-Warming party at the weekend

And omgggg was it fun! We decided to keep it relatively low-key and have our nearest and dearest to us there and danced the night away. I feel super, ridiculously lucky that I have so many wonderful people in my life – people who know me well enough to know that I didn’t have enough blankets to put in my basket in front of my fireplace so got me one as a house-warming gift (it’s very Pinterest, I promise). It is only when I moved I realised how desperate I am to keep up the house when it’s all pwetty and clean and ngl if you don’t use a coaster you might as well just slap me in the face. But tbf managed to stay relatively chill during the party, largely thanks to sparkling rose. A true friend.

Also, I wore the prettiest dress ever. 


2. My wonderful boyfriend got a pay rise at work

There’s not much to explain here other than how bloody proud I am of him! He works so hard, and nothing makes my heart happier than seeing his little face happy. 

3. The house is finally done! 

As you can imagine, it is rather a stressful time when you’re kitting out a house, especially for the firs time – but if you have a Mum that has enough furniture and interior bits to fill three houses, then you know you’re in good hands and she has very good taste, which always helps! So a huge thanks to her, and my Dad for helping tremendous amounts, I am so ridiculously content in my own home. Nice house? Completed it, mate.


So, there we have it! Just a fun snippet into my life, the craziness and the boring parts. See ya next week xx 


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