This is what I use for my everyday make up

I have never really thought of myself as that much of a make up lover, as much as I would get excited by the sight of the make up floor in front of me as I go down the escalator in Selfridges (ugh chills) – I would never spend stupid amounts of money trying to have the same make up as everyone else. Part of the beauty of blogging is that you’re a community and that means you all give each other tips on good products and more importantly hella good dupes which is amazing when you’re low on funds.

When it comes to everyday make up, I tend to go for products that I know are going to be long-lasting and not harmful to my skin (on that rosacea life). Currently, I am really impressed with all of the make up I am using and it seems to be working well with my sensitive skin.


Even though I wish I could say I wasn’t, I am a foundation wearer every time I do my make up. Because of my rosacea, sometimes I have redness in my skin and using foundation is the best way to give me an even skin tone without having to awkwardly blot concealer inrandom parts and look uneven. The one I am currently using at the moment is the Dior Forever Glow at £37, which I know sounds rather steep but trust me, it is worth it. I have never understood those foundations where they only look good after you’ve prepped your skin for about an hour, all you need to do is make sure that you are well moisturised and Dior will do the rest. It is dewy enough, while still being very long-lasting – I honestly don’t have to touch it up for the whole day. Win.


As one of the more pricier concealers out there, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen Even though the product doesn’t specifically say that it is a concealer, it adds a ‘radiant touch of light or banishes shadows and signs of fatigue from the eye area, the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose. I am lucky that I don’t really get spots, so using this as a concealer for me is perfect as it makes my face look a lil brighter because I’m telling ya that bags are really not my friend. At £26 it is on the more pricey side.


When it comes to powders, I’ve never really understood the hype. I know that doesn’t sound great coming from a blogger but for the make up that I do, all I am really after is a powder that will lock in my make up and make me not look overly dewy. The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder powder works so well for me, it doesn’t make my foundation look cracked or cakey and does exactly what I need it to.


If like every girl out there you’re after the perfect glow, that glow that makes people think that your skin is the epitome of health (when in reality you were up till 3am eating pizza). I am currently using the Benefit High Beam Highlighter, which gives my skin that healthy illuminating look without getting yourself into looking like an alien territory. A bottle of this will set you back £22, not too much for getting that ‘supermodel glow’ hey?


I use a brow set that was a present off my lovely mother at Christmas and I can’t find the exact one online, but it is really similar to the Benefit FoolProof Eyebrow Powder. I always try to go for more of a soft natural brow, and as they are already quite full anyway, I like that with the powder they fill them in just enough to blend in with my natural colour and don’t look overly defined like they would if I used a pencil. Palettes like these, are usually around £20. 


When it comes to what I do with my eyes, there have been many looks throughout the years that have reigned supreme for a while but I always tend to change it in the end. At the moment, I am preferring more of a natural look so a brown eyeshadow tends to be my go to. At the moment, I am using a MAC eyeshadow called Amber Times Nine. Because I have big eyes, I have realised that I don’t need to always wear overly heavy eye make up to make them pop. Mascara has always been a struggle for me, because I have never really been wowed by any that I have tried, designer or high street – but after many constant recommendations from my sister to try Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara it is working well with my lashes and giving them a long full look without looking clumpy which nobody wants.

So, there you have it!

All my love, 

Nicole x



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