What a difference a coat makes

If you follow me on instagram then you’ll know that I was in London all of last week, because this girl does not do much otherwise and you bet your ass I’m going to use as much content as I possibly can. Despite my love for the sun, I am a sucker for a good coat and I’m so glad that I now finally have this gem. 

I can’t deny that this coat was not a purchase of my own, instead when at my sisters I kept remarking (pushing) how much I adored the coat and luckily for me she can’t wear wool and your girl very much can. It is from Joy, a shop that I would never usually go in but intend to in the future because I am truly in luuurve. 

There are many a-reason why I was determined to make this coat mine, but I have managed to narrow it down to some of the main ones: 


You guys know that I love a neutral, not only because I love all of the colours, but my god is it good when you find a transitional colour like this that will go with literally everything in your closet. Now we are getting into Spring, I knew that I didn’t want to have a really dark coloured coat because let’s be honest – this bad boy will probably never be put away completely because we live in England and it will go with brighter coloured pieces oh so well.


One of the biggest perks of a coat for me is that it is an immediate way to change an outfit completely with minimal effort – who doesn’t love that? Because of the length of the coat, it could be done up completely if I’m going braless with horrible leggings and feeling grim or flowing open if I’m feeling my outfit more and want to add the coat more as an additional piece.


I could wear the coat with casual outfits like the one above, or: jeans, culottes & skirts. Because the style of the coat is not too overpowering, it will tie in well to most outfits giving them more of a stylish feel. As well as this, it also goes with more going-out clothes as well… I’m talking a dress and heels for when you’re going out with the girls or for dinner when it’s date night. This coat has got ‘chu.

So there you have it! If you haven’t been able to tell, I am a really big fan of this coat and can’t wait to acquire more of them over the year and maybe even buy them and not steal of my sister (so much more boring). 

All my love, 

Nicole x


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