Why I Love a Good New Years Resolution

I always find that whenever anyone brings up NYE it always fills my head with a resounding ‘ugh’ feeling. It’s not as though I’ve had bad previous experiences, I have just found that as a society we tend to idealize what we think the night should be and therefore willingly spend more on clothes, drinks, taxis than we ever would on any other normal night out. This year, Nick and I decided to throw a house party, not only did it appeal as the idea of spending £15 on a bottle for your booze instead of god knows how much at a bar but also we were able to have our nearest and dearest around us and actually enjoy the night with each other rather than all be crowded into a tiny space in a bar. 

That isn’t to say there are no elements of New Years Eve that appeal to me, the biggest being New Years Resolutions. I understand that most people think that they are faddy, and are tired of seeing the ‘new year, new me’ posts. I think there is something exciting to be said about having that clean slate and taking an opportunity to push yourself when it may have felt harder another time. That’s not to say that I feel everyone needs to set resolutions, if you don’t believe in them or know in yourself that it isn’t good thing for your mental health to involve itself in then that is totally fair – for myself, it is a good way to give me that kick up the arse to work on myself and it’s a better time than any to try and act on it.

As a society, we put pressure on ourselves to set these monumental, almost impossible goals that seem so easy to give up because you can blame it on how it was ‘too hard’. This year, I’m going to take a slightly different approach, instead of having one mammoth task that I am going to most likely decide is not worth pursuing – I am going to write two lists of goals. My first list will be of little goals that I want to accomplish throughout the year, and my second will be bigger goals that will take more time to accomplish and I’ll not torture myself thinking I have to complete them all and just try improve on myself as much as I can in a healthy way. 

What are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions? 

Happy New Year you wonderful people! 




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