How a photoshoot made me love my curly hair

I never thought choosing to have curly hair for a photoshoot would make me realise how much I LOVE my natural hair. Whether it was through Instagram or just a strange preconceived notion that I had in my head, I always would straighten or wave my hair if I was doing a shoot for my blog/ instagram/ or even going out anywhere. I would see ‘curly hair’ me and ‘straight hair’ me as two completely different people which lead to me losing a heck of a lot of confidence if I had curly hair on any of those occasions rather than straight.

It was only when I did a shoot with Morgan Barfield recently (a bloody amazing photographer just fyi) and we had spoken about a particular image that we wanted to try and recreate which involved having big messy hair and I realised that curly hair would be perfect for it. As ridiculous as it may seem, I genuinely felt nervous about how I would look on camera and if I would be thinking ‘damn I wished I had just straightened my hair’ but I can tell you lovely people that was definitely not the case. Seeing professional photos of myself with my natural hair going everywhere in the wind made me realise that it is such an essential part of me and part of my identity that I should embrace, rather than run away from it. 

These are some of the wonderful reasons I love this crazy hair of mine…


It has a mind of its own

And I do not use that term lightly. When I wake up in a morning after leaving my hair wet when I went to sleep, I really have no idea how it is going to look. This phrase could not be more true.

1.Flat hair has never been a problem for me

The worry of your hair looking flat has never been something that has been a problem for me as I am lucky to have very thick hair and when you pair that with curly hair it basically equals a hell of a lot of volume. 

2.Messy buns are SO EASY

Everyone loves a messy bun and when you have curly hair it’s damn hard to make your hair look neat without brushing it (which is always a no no fyi) so a bun that is messy is the go to, whether you want it or not. 

3.You can’t see roots as easily

 I mean, how could this not to be a crazy and amazing perk?! If you are blonde like moi and have naturally brown hair, seeing that your roots are starting to creep in again is never fun and when you don’t really have a distinctive parting and your hair is doing it’s own thing, then you aren’t gonna be noticing those roots as much. 

4.People who don’t have curly hair always want it

It’s always been a thing that people with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa – when I was growing up I used to want straight hair more than anything in the world as I was desperate to fit in but now I realise that my hair gives me character and I can still straighten my hair from time to time but it’s hard to imitate natural curls. 

5.Don’t have to worry about washing your hair as much

 So, hear me out with this – everyone is subject to greasy hair at some point and when you have insane amounts of volume it disguises it so ridiculously well. This is also a blessing as people with curly hair tend to mess with it more which obviously causes la frizz. 

6.No need to spend hours on your hair with straightening, blow drying etc

 Because how is it not good to have more time in bed?

7.Never have to think about that kink in your hair after a pony tail

 This again is similar to the messy bun situation, it isn’t as obvious because a kink just looks like another curl. 

8.You stand out in a crowd

 Most people choose to embrace straighter hair than curly and in doing that means it’s more likely that people merge into each other and it’s hard to spot someone but when you’ve got wild curly hair – that beauty stands out. 

9.Looks unique 

It never looks the same. That is something I can tell you for certain, but there is some beauty in knowing that each individual strand of curly hair is different and it is such a strong part of who you are and something that I urge you to embrace.  


Stay home and stay safe. 

All my love,



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